Adesh Nalpet Adimurthy

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Hey 👋 I’m a computer science graduate student at Dalhousie University, a budding illustrator, and previously a backend engineer at Walmart’s PhonePe and YC ClearTax, here to share my experiences, tutorials, and projects.


  • Programming languages: Java, Javascript and Python

  • Databases: MySQL, MongoDB, AeroSpike, ElasticSearch, Redis, Redshift, Athena

  • Frameworks: Dropwizard, Django, Flask, Angular, Ionic

  • CI/CD: Jenkins, Spinnaker, Docker, Terraform, Gitlab CI, Marathon and Mesos

  • Other Technologies: Docker, Hadoop-ecosystem, Amazon Web Services, RabbitMQ, Apache Kafka

Work History

2022-05 - Current

Google Summer of Code Contributor

Google OSS, Our World in Data, Halifax, NS, Canada

2022-04 - Current

Teaching Assistant & Marker - CSCI 5308 Advanced Topics in Software Development

Dalhousie University, Halifax, NS, Canada

2021-12 - 2022-04

Teaching Assistant & Marker - CSCI 4118/6105 Algorithm Engineering

Dalhousie University, Halifax, NS, Canada

  • Developed lab instructions relevant to the topics covered in the class to put theory into practice in the real world, such as the effect of rounding errors in geometric algorithms.

  • Conducted weekly labs and office hours to assist with lab procedures and assignments for a class of 25 students. Followed by marking the assignments with feedback covering areas of improvement and strengths.

2021-10 - 2021-12

Computer Science Tutor

SuperProf, Halifax, NS, Canada

  • Subject(s): CSCI 3110 - Design and Analysis of Algorithms.

  • I closely worked with 3 students to improve their hold on Data Structures and Algorithms. But, with all honesty, it was a 2-way street, where I learned a lot too, both DSA and effective communication.

2019-12 - 2021-07

Software Engineer

PhonePe Private Limited (Acquired by Walmart), Bengaluru, KA, India

  • E-Nach (Automated Payment Services): Developed the Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) feature to schedule automated payments through E-Nach and UPI mandates or set-up reminders for investments, and handle over 3 million transactions per month.

  • Know Your Customer (KYC) Verification: Rewrote KYC submission state-machine for user identity verification by parsing proof documents such as Drivers License, Aadhar Card, and Bank Statements, along with a selfie video verification which reduced false negatives from 4% to 0.3%.

  • Platformization: Built a Dropwizard framework to enable dynamic screens with serverdriven UI, thereby taking away the need for frequent mobile application releases and extended the project to facilitate A/B testing

  • User Personalization: Developed a lightweight rules engine to evaluate conditions and execute actions based on user profile and activity, resulting in a ~45% increase in conversion to invest in systematic plan schemes.

2018-07 - 2019-12

Software Engineer II

Clear (Formerly ClearTax), Bengaluru, KA, India

  • Load Test Framework: Developed a framework to capture and replay HTTP traffic at a higher speed in a test environment and published performance results to Grafana and Spinnaker dashboards, reducing the set-up time from >60 minutes to ~10 minutes

  • Reduced test execution time from 65 minutes to ~14 minutes using Jenkins and AWS Spot Fleet with ANT scripts to aggregate test results, reducing deployment time and cost by 10x.

  • ETL (Extract, Transform, and Load) Pipeline: Set up a pipeline to combine data across multiple database shards by streaming MySQL bin logs using Kafka, leading to a 60%+ improvement in query-time.

  • Database Sharding Bundle: Developed a Java Dropwizard library for application-level horizontal sharding for relational databases, with support for atomicity of transactions, handling nested UnitOfWork, and checkpointing.

  • Xander: Built a wrapper around simple workflows (AWS SWF) with a decision layer for APIs to be synchronous or asynchronous, reducing failure rate from ~20% to NIL.

  • Licensing as a Service: Developed a service for monetizing and limiting user exploitation of the application utilizing Python Django to float the application and Redis for database caching.

2017-11 - 2018-07

Full Stack Developer Intern

Techleet Infosystems, Bengaluru, KA, India

  • Ribbn (Uber for Ambulance): Developed an Ionic-Angular-Django application to book an ambulance and fulfill post-hospitalization services such as doctor’s consultation and home-nursing along with location analytics for efficient fleet management and cost optimization.

  • Xeta Logistics: Built a logistics billing and goods tracking application with provision for GST E-way bill generation leveraging Laravel-Angular and Computer Vision techniques for text extraction and redaction of documents.


2021-08 - Current

Master of Applied Computer Science

Dalhousie University - Halifax, NS, Canada

2013-07 - 2017-08

Bachelor of Engineering: Electronics And Communication

Visvesvaraya Technological University - Bengaluru, KA, India


  • Successfully completed the Dal Innovates Collide - Exploring Entrepreneurship (Mentorship Program)

  • Won the “Halifax Innovation Challenge, Extra Mile Award” sponsored by RBC and IBM.

  • Certified in “Business Communications for Researchers” by Path2Innovation.

  • Rated as ‘Exceptional Performer’ (July 2020 and April 2021) at PhonePe and ‘Out Performer (OP)’ in the performance reviews at ClearTax (October 2018 and April 2019).

  • Founding member of Youth for Parivartan - Clean India Mission and active member of Kidwai Memorial Institute of Oncology - Cancer Care.